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Terms of use, return, delivery, payment for online platform SalesZone.pro

Welcome to the online platform SalesZone.pro

Please read carefully the terms of use of this website below.

Accessing / visiting this website (including its content) and / or its products and / or services is governed by the Terms of Use, implies your explicit consent to them and constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties. If you do not agree with these terms or do not wish to be limited by them, do not use the Saleszone.pro website, products or services.

SalesZone website is a web service / product owned and maintained by "Pamiart" SRL, a company based in the Republic of Moldova, registered at. st. Soseaua Hincesti 38 B, mun. Chisinau, MD-2028, phone number + (373) 7811 1444, email address [email protected], IDNO 1004600040018. „Pamiart” SRL is the Author / Owner / Administrator of the website www.saleszone.pro

In defining the relationship between the buyer and the author/owner/administrator of the website www.saleszone.pro, when we talk about “ Platform” , “Service provider”, “command processor”, “platform operator” , we refer to the limited liability company “PAMIART” and its partners/affiliates.

These terms and conditions govern the use of all SalesZone products and services, including the www.saleszone.pro website and its contents. Several documents are included such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, etc.

These Terms of Use of the online platform are applicable to the orders of Users (Buyers) for the purchase of products / services placed by the Seller for sale on the electronic platform SalesZone, organized and managed by its Administrator.

This Agreement may be changed unilaterally by Pamiart SRL without prior notice. The new version of the agreement comes into force from the moment of publication on the website page www.saleszone.pro, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the agreement. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this section until a new order is generated to check the Terms of Use that you have agreed to abide by.

Definitions :

Administrator - the subject responsible for the organization and management of technological services online - platform "Saleszone", which provides the other businesses (buyers) pf online - services for the organization and management of information systems and networks in e-commerce, including the transmission, receiving and storing information in electronic form .

The buyer / user - user technology services online - website "SalesZone" (identified by the defining elements of the registration process as a result of its registration on the e-platform "SalesZone") acting for purposes other than business and who agrees to the terms of use services of the platform of the Administrator or to purchase goods and / or services from the Seller .

Order - an electronic communication is a method of correspondence / forms of communication between the buyer and the seller, which contains the order number and range of services through which the buyer expresses its intention to purchase certain goods / services delivery, or delivery.

Delivery - the process of the order placed by the Buyer on the website «SalesZone» Administrator, who is obliged to provide relevant and useful information to buyers and sellers in accordance with the legal provisions of this Treaty and the relevant legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

Electronic signature - data in electronic form which are attached to or logically associated with other data in electronic form and are used as the authentication method.

1. Personal information

By accessing this website as an unauthorized user (without creating an account), you agree to accept all the terms of use of the SalesZone online platform set by the Administrator.

If you decide to create a user account for the SalesZone platform by registering, you undertake to correctly and truthfully provide us with your data, such as name, surname, address, telephone, email and other information useful for issuing Orders; confirmation of an order; delivery and provision of goods / services; receiving complaints; for correspondence; and so on By registering on the saleszone.pro website, you acquire the quality of an authenticated user of the SalesZone by providing and processing your personal information specified above.

The Saleszone.pro website , the content, products and services posted on its pages are available to all persons legally entitled to enter into contracts (binding agreements). Confirmation of compliance with these criteria may be required when accessing all (or some) services and / or products in the form of identification or contact information.

These Terms of Use are established between Us (SalesZone) and the users of the online platform . Thus, no one else has the right to use them.

2. Security and privacy of personal data

Security and privacy of personal data Your personal data may be stored and used by “Pamiart” S.R.L. and/or its partners/affiliates for processing payments and executing orders; Inform you by email, written messages, mail or other means of communication about follow-up actions, producing statistical reports and improving the quality of SalesZone online services. We are committed to respecting national and European legislation on the protection of personal data and the free movement of such data. By visiting and/or using the site, placing orders or interacting with us and our partners/affiliates by any method and/or any means of remote communication, You agree to the confidential processing of your personal data under the terms of the Republic of Moldova Act No 133/2011 on the protection of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing Personal data and on the free movement of such data (General data Protection Regulation, hereinafter GDPR). You also declare that all personal data and information transmitted to us are correct. To the extent that the data do not belong to you, you declare that you have obtained the prior written consent of the data subject whose data you are forwarding to us and our partners/affiliates, or you declare that you are submitting the data on another legal basis under the General data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016, Including according to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

In order to provide you with the best and personalized experience according to your behavior/preferences, we will adapt and combine the data/information communicated under national law and in line with the public data Protection Regulation (EU). This data is kept on our servers and our partners / affiliates in a secure manner in accordance with the provisions of national and European Union legislation in this area. Thus, the e-application platform uses security measures against loss, alteration or misuse of information that is solely within the control of us and our partners/affiliates. We may also collect information through cookies or other similar technologies, such as IP address, details of the browser or device used. Where appropriate, the data/information communicated to us and our partners/affiliates in connection with the provision of SalesZone online services may only be transmitted to public authorities and law enforcement bodies when "Pamiart" S.R.L. considers it necessary to prevent/arrest or investigate the infringement of the rights of "Pamiart" S.R.L. and its partners/affiliates, Including third parties, under the conditions of national and European Union law.

In the case of card payments, information on your bank card data (card number, expiration date, etc.) will be transferred and, where applicable, stored on our partner/affiliate servers. That is, the person receiving the payment will process the bank account data from which you made the transfer, the data being processed for accounting purposes. With the use of the online platform/application www.saleszone.pro, you are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of your access account data (such as your email address and password) and agree to take full responsibility for the activities/actions carried out on the SalesZone platform/application with your account and password. If you suspect that, for various reasons attributable to you or not, the privacy of this access data has been compromised, you must immediately notify the administrator of the platform/online application SalesZone in order to block access to your account and to generate a new set as quickly as possible. As a data subject, for the exercise of your rights, you may contact us at any time and free of charge by written notice using the following contact details: E-mail: [email protected] , Address of office: Chisinau, Hincesti Street, No 38B tel.: + (373) 7888 7188. We will respond to your requests within 30 days and there is a possibility of extending this deadline only for justified reasons and for a reasonable period depending on the complexity of your request. In any case, if this period is extended, we will inform you of the time limit and the reasons for the extension.

Also, if you are not satisfied with our reply or believe that your rights have been violated you can make a complaint with the national data Protection Center located at Sergei Lazo Street, 48, Postal Code MD-2004, Chisinau, tel/fax + (373) 22 820 801/ + (373) 22 820 807, e-mail [email protected] With reference to Article 78(1) of the General data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016, We inform you of your right to exercise an effective judicial remedy against a legally binding decision of a supervisory authority which concerns it.

3. Copyright

All content of SalesZone online platform / application - All copyrighted, copyrighted and proprietary materials or content offered (images, text, graphics, symbols, web graphics, scripts, programs and other data) as part of the saleszone.pro website will forever remain the property of SRL "Pamiart". , in accordance with the provisions of the law on the protection of copyright and related rights; in the context of the law on intellectual and industrial property; under the terms of the law on the protection of trademarks, etc.

You are not allowed to use this material or content without the permission of the Administrator or Seller. In addition, you are only entitled to use these materials in the manner described in the Terms of Use for the electronic platform / application. You will not copy, reproduce, distribute, commercialize or benefit / benefit from any such material or content, nor will you assist / assist any third party in activities such as those mentioned above.

Moreover, if you become aware of such distributions or commercial exploits, we strongly recommend that you notify the SalesZone Administrator within a reasonable timeframe.

As an Saleszone user, you agree not to post or distribute through the electronic platform any libelous, threatening, obscene, harmful, pornographic or other illegal material.

In addition, materials that in any way violate or infringe the rights of the Administrator or the rights of others (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, privacy rights and privacy rights), as well as actions that may cause any loss or damage to Pamiart SRL or others.

In addition, you will not express vulgar, rude, sexist, racist or offensive opinions in any other way. We encourage users to behaveI am respectful and courteous to each other in the process of using the online services of the SalesZone online platform / application.

4. Access to the SalesZone website

Access to the saleszone.pro websiteis free, but subject to the use of all functions of the electronic platform / application (such as placing an order, etc.), which implies acceptance of all Terms of Use by an unauthorized user . saleszone guarantees the User limited access in his personal interests to this online platform / application and does not give him the right to partially or completely modify the Saleszone, partially or completely reproduce the platform / application, copy or use the platform / application in any other way, for the purpose of contradicting the interests of the company "Pamiart" SRL without his prior written consent.

SalesZone reserves the right to deny users access to Saleszone.pro website, as well as restrict order processing or delivery in the event of fraud or damage to SalesZone's interests.

Using the online platform / application, you can receive information about the offers posted on the website saleszone.pro, as well as place orders for the purchase of goods / services offered by the Sellers for sale.

5. Description of the offered products

Products/ Services presented on SalesZone platform are offered to Users conditionally as a result of acceptance of all Saleszone.pro Terms of Use and will be provided in accordance with the established Terms. Saleszone will inform the Buyer about the unavailability of goods / services, and the amounts paid by the Consumer will be returned by the Seller as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days, if SaleZone is unable to fulfill the order.

Images of products / services are presented on the platform / application as an example, and the supplied or provided products / services may be different from the images in any way (color, accessories, appearance, etc.). The seller and his suppliers reserve the right to change the technical characteristics of the products / services described on www.saleszone.pro without prior notice.

The content of the SalesZone website (texts, product descriptions, specifications, images, symbols) was compiled on the basis of information from open and private sources and posted by Saleszone. For this reason, Saleszone is not responsible for the descriptions / characteristics / images of the products / services presented on the online platform / application.

The maximum amount of obligations / liability of the Seller to any Buyer in the event of non-delivery or improper delivery is the value of the amounts received by the Seller from the relevant Buyer.

6. Prices

Prices shown do not include VAT and shipping costs and are current prices at the time of order confirmation.

The content and price of offers are subject to change by the Seller/SalesZone. The validity period of prices and offers corresponds to the validity period specified by the SalesZone website.

7. Order

Placing orders constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use and the specific terms of the offers. Placing / verifying an order is only performed choice of plan regarding the service Saleszone website provides. There is no need to create or have an account on the website.

8. Delivery of products

Delivery of the goods / services ordered by the Buyer will be carried out by the method of his choice on the delivery date specified in the Order Form and to the delivery point specified by the Buyer. Only one delivery address is accepted for each order.

The delivery or delivery time of goods / services will directly depend on preparation process, the method of payment or method of delivery offered. Also the delivery / delivery time of goods or services may be changed unilaterally by SalesZone, depending on weather conditions or other circumstances affecting delivery within the time specified in the Purchase Order, with immediate notification of this. customer.

Upon delivery, the Buyer must provide identity documents on the basis of which personal data were registered in the SalesZone website, check the contents corresponding to the order placed.

The Buyer is obliged to provide the needed details so that Saleszone can deliver the needed service/services .

9. Right to return

The Buyer / Consumer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days from the day when he took physical possession of the ordered goods / service. To exercise your right to return, you must submit a return request and present the reason of declining the goods/ services .

The product/service must be in the original condition in which it was received, in its original packaging, with all accessories and accompanying documents before the expiration of the 14-day period. After the expiration of the 14-day period, you will be deprived of the right to return. If the goods/services were damaged the case will be examined invidiually

We suggest that you fill out the return form no later than the 14th calendar day from the date of delivery, if you request a return of the product within 14 days, the Seller will refund you the amounts paid that correspond to the price of the product / service, but no later. 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request, subject to the return of the goods in their original, impeccable condition. To do this, the Seller will make a refund using the same payment method used for the original transaction, without being charged a fee as a result of such a refund. We inform you that you, as a Buyer / Consumer, bear all costs directly related to the return of goods.

If the product has been used prior to return (including signs of damage, missing accessories, packaging, etc.), the Seller will be entitled to compensation, determined accordingly, depending on the completeness of the goods delivered, the degree of use and / or damage to the products, the refund of which cannot exceed the cost of products resulting from the commercial price (no discounts). The Seller has the right to reduce the amount of compensation to the Buyer in order to cover the corresponding amount of compensation.

Terms of return of goods:

Contacting within 14 calendar days from the day when he took physical possession of the ordered product / service (confirmation is a receipt or fiscal invoice) in order to successfully exchange the product or request money. Presentation of the product in a new condition and in packaging, which implies that it: is not subject to wearing / use; be free from defects and mechanical shock; to be flagged, the state of the product to allow the Seller new marketing.

Buyer / Consumer rights in case of unsuitable products :

1) During the repair of the goods, the Seller can provide, upon request , within 3 days in exchange for the Buyer / Consumer a working product for the home .

2) Replacement of the purchased goods with goods of similar quality ;

3) The refund for the defective product.

Your complaints as the buyer / user / customer are sent to SalesZone application by e-mail [email protected] or call +373 7888 7188. The responsibility for the resolution of these claims borne by the Seller, which shall examine them and to allow, in accordance the order and timing stipulated by the Law No. From 2003 g of 105. Consumer Protection.

If after sending your complaint to the Seller it has not been permitted by the Seller and you consider yourself to be disturbed, we urge you to contact the Agency for Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance, mun. Chisinau , st . Vasile Alecsandri, 78, MD -2012, at [email protected], telephone subscriber +373 22 51 51 51 or on the Green Line 0800 28 0 28.

10. Payment of the products.

Payment for the ordered products/services can be made through the means proposed to the buyer on the www.saleszone.pro platform/application, such as cash payment (at delivery/delivery of goods or services); via the bank card; credit; PayNet. This way, you can choose the payment method when the order is being formed. If you choose the method of payment by making the online payment, then you will be redirected to a secure web section on the seller's server that services the online payment system, and a corresponding form must be completed with the bank card information. We inform you that the platform Merchant is the ‘Pamiart’ S.R.L. partner who has been accredited by the former for: Ensuring the good functionality of the SalesZone payment services; technical and technological support with the infrastructure and technical connections needed to authorize transactions; .

By means of the well-functioning website and payment services of SalesZone provided by PayNet, we offer you the secure purchase of consumer products both within the territory of the Republic of Moldova and beyond its borders in accordance with international standards in this area.

11.Product warranty

For products purchased by you from the Seller through the SalesZone website, a warranty is provided in accordance with the Warranty Certificate for each product, if its release is required by applicable law.

The seller guarantees that the goods supplied or services provided were not produced / performed in conditions of exploitation and / or harmful to health, as well as using work similar to slavery and / or work performed by minors or prisoners, or any a different type. prohibited by national regulations as well as international regulations.

The seller declares and guarantees that the packaging/standard of the goods/services fully complies with the current legislation. The seller declares and warrants that the packaging of the goods allows the goods to be sold to the buyer without additional restrictions and obligations, regardless of their nature.

12. Applicable law and litigation

All clauses of these conditions and / or special conditions of the offers contained in the SalesZone website will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. When considering and resolving disputes, the legislation of the Republic of Moldova will be applied.

Any disputes regarding the use of the SalesZone website will be resolved amicably, through mutual consultations. If the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, through negotiations within 30 calendar days, it is subject to resolution in the competent courts of the Republic of Moldova.